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Based on 52 reviews
Good so far

I was mainly interested in it being adjustable, so I have been liking that part.

Lacking internal structure

Without removing any fill, I find the fill packs out and I need to reposition myself several times through a night. Everything else about it is great, but it could maybe be redesigned with a couple internal chambers to prevent fill from moving so much.

Hi James,
Thanks so much for your feedback! We recommend giving the pillow a fluff before bed each night to see if that helps. We'll also be sure to let you know if we release a different version of the pillow. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other feedback or questions we can help with!

Love the pillows

I bought 2 pillows and I sleep better. Now I bought 2 pillows for my husband and he love them. What I like best is you can adjust the firmest. I dont have a neck stiff in the morning.

Thanks so much for your review, Lou! Not one, not two, but four pillows! We are so glad to hear they've helped you with your neck pain. Let us know if you ever have any questions.

Gifted to my wife

I gifted this pillow to my wife to help her get better sleep. She'd been waking for long periods during the night and having trouble staying comfortable in bed. I'm happy to report it's improved her sleep! She made a few adjustments to the pillow and taking out quite a bit of fluff seemed to be the right fit for her.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review, Vishal! We're happy to hear the pillow has been helping. :) Sweet dreams to you both!

Sweet dreams

A friend recommended Henrie to me and I'm glad I took the plunge. You can feel the quality. I've tried a lot of pillows but this is the first time it actually feels like my pillow is "working" for me. I'm looking forward to watching my sleep score improve!

Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! We're glad to hear the Henrie pillow is working for you and your sleep. :)


I am so happy with the product, I am ordering a third one; not that I have 3 heads, I just have friends looking for a good quality pillow.

Thanks so much, Peter! Thank you for spreading the Henrie love. :) You'll be a well-rested friend group!

The pillow that sweet dreams are made of.

My hunt for the best pillow has ended, officially. Just a single Henrie pillow without any filling removed meant no stacking, no numb arms because of an awkward head tilt, no turning to the cool side, and my neck tissue tension is easing - all this is after just 1 week. Oh, did I not mention that I am sleeping longer, waking less, and not tossing around? Because it’s all true! I’m so glad I met Larissa at IDS Vancouver, but I was reluctant at first. Finding her again at IDS Toronto - sold!

What a sweet review, thank you Corey! We really appreciate your kind words and love to hear how Henrie has improved your sleep already. It was lovely to meet you not only once, but twice! :)

Love it!

A comfortable pillow that you can take with you thanks to that fantastic bag!
My husband and I had neck problems, and this solved them. I highly recommend it!

We're happy to hear that Henrie was able to help with your neck issues! We're all about a supported neck and a restful night. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review. :)

Love my Henrie

I've been sleeping on my Henrie pillow for about a week and it's a delight. It's brilliant that you can adjust the fill to your preferences. I found the right amount of fill easily.
It has the comfort and the firm support I wanted. I'd been holding off replacing my very old pillow until I found one that checked all the boxes- Henrie is it.

Thank you for your review, Vic! We're glad to hear that Henrie checked all the boxes for you, and that you had an easy time finding your perfect loft.

Good solution for neck pains

I have often waken up in the morning with neck pains. Having used the new pillow for about a week, I am really pleased with the firmness and support of the material used in the pillow and it gives me great relief to the stress on my neck. The pillow was a little expensive but the quality is excellent and it is a small price to pay for to wake up in a great morning. The shipping was prompt and the owner Larissa provided great information and customer service. Everyone should consider this great pillow. The only minor issue I have is that the size of the pillow makes it a little tight to stuff into a queen size pillow case; but a very minor issue which can be overcome with larger pillow cases or a little effort to fit it into my current pillow case.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review, Peter! We're so glad to hear that Henrie has helped you improve your quality of sleep. Helping you wake up feeling great is exactly our goal. Sweet dreams!

Super interesting concept

I’ve only slept with my new pillow for less than a week and I’m still adjusting to what I feel is the most comfortable, but that’s the beauty of it, that you can adjust more or less any time you feel like a different mood.

Thanks so much for your review, Heidi! We hope you find your perfect fit. :)

A customizable pillow - what a concept! I feel like Goldilocks!

I have been searching for a flat pillow for a few years now and have never been able to find one. I read an article in The Vancouver Sun about Henrie and thought, I might have found it. When I got it I took out what I thought was a lot of the stuffing, but after a nights sleep, I knew I had to adjust it some more. The following 2 nights I took out more, until I got it just right. What a great way to start off the new year with a pillow that is exactly the way I want it!

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Tammy! We're so glad that we were able to help you start the new year off right (and restful).

Great pillow

Love the pillow - getting a great night's sleep at last.
Worth the purchase.
Considering ordering a 2nd pillow.
Haven't had to remove any of the filling - perfect as is.

Thanks so much for your review, Barry! We love to hear that you're getting a great night's sleep with Henrie.

Good product

I like the product and the ability to chance the loft. I wish it would bounce back a little more than it does.

Thanks so much for your feedback and taking the time to leave a review! If you have any other feedback about the materials, we'd love to hear it. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us:

Finding time to adjust and finesse a pillow

In all fairness it’s really not time yet to review this pillow. I still have to find the “time” during this busy season to adjust and fuss with 2 pillows. As they are …they appear well made and after letting the pillows fluff up for 24 hours I decided to try one out. It was like sleeping on a rock. I lasted 10 minutes and went back to my old pillow. I will give it another try after I find time and make an adjustment with the fill. I was so hopeful that the pillow would come with a somewhat normal feel and just have to have a minor adjustment. I won’t give up yet….it’s just that I’ve tried out many different types of pillows in search of that perfect sleep. It’s costly and frustrating.

Hi Lyn, thanks so much for taking the time to write a review. We totally understand that December is a busy time! We reached out over email with some options for you, but we haven't heard back. We understand that the pillows are very full to begin with (so as to suit many different people), so finding your fit can take some time. Please reach out to if there's any other way we can support you with the adjustment process.

Sleeping Great

My husband bought the Henrie pillow for me and it has been the best gift. Like a lot of reviews I've read, I've bought quite a few pillows over the past few years and none seem to work out over time. I've had the Henrie pillow for a little over a month and it's still the greatest. I have trouble with my neck and sometimes depending on my day, I have changed the amount of support to provide better comfort. This pillow is magically wonderful. Easy to order and had no issues with delivery. This is now my favourite pillow!

Thanks so much for your review, Lorie! What a wonderful gift. We're so glad to hear that Henrie is your new favourite pillow.

Great Product & Awesome Customer Service

We recently purchased a pillow and my husband loved it so much I decided to purchase one for myself. The pillows are well made and the ability to adjust the loft of the pillow to suit your sleeping needs means you can get a pillow that seems to be made for you and you alone. When we had an issue with the delivery of our second pillow, Larissa went above and beyond to get a replacement pillow to me in a timely fashion. This small company provides exemplary customer service. I definitely recommend this company and these pillows.

Thank you so much for your review, Patti! I'm so glad we were able to get everything sorted with your second pillow. Hope you and your husband have both been sleeping well. :)

My search for the perfect pillow is finally over!

I have been searching for a replacement pillow for about five years and I have amassed a closet full of unsuccessful ones. I was initially reluctant to spend so much on a pillow but then realized it’s actually an investment into my health. The magic with the Henrie pillow is that it’s customizable and the material inside provides perfect support your head. I am happy to announced I’ve finally thrown away my old one!


It’s been awhile since I have such a great sleep
Also no neck problems in the morning! Look no further Henrie is the Best!

Perfect Pillow

We love our new pillows. Very easy to remove filler for a more personal feel. It has also helped with my husbands snoring. Much quieter.


Easy to order. Quick delivery. Shipped in box and pillow stored in heavy duty bag. Pillow covers are well made and nice soft material. I took some foam out as I sleep on my side and I like my pillow soft.

comfortable rest

After letting the pillow rest for 24 hours I put the pillow to work. The first night was fine without adjustments, it didn’t feel right. I made a couple of moves to remove some of the filling and after a few nights I have it perfect. Wonderful pillow. Take the time to get it right.

Comfy perfection!

I’ve only had it for two nights, the first night my head was too high, I sleep on my side. So I removed about 1/4 of the stuffing, I slept like a baby.I will try another night, just to be sure I don’t need to remove anymore.
I love this genius concept and I love the way it was delivered. Bravo. ❤️


Arrived super fast, love the packaging bag it comes in Very comfortable been sleeping so good waking up so rested

To be Fair . .. ..

To be honest and fair, you should make ALL reviews available:((. Not doing so is a tad dishonest . .. . .

Hi Jim, Thank you for taking the time to reach out. We don’t have control over the reviews that our customers post, but rest assured that if we receive a review with lower than 5 stars (such as this one) it will be published here. I know we’ve already been in touch and confirmed that you are not a customer of Henrie, but we appreciate you taking the time to raise your concerns nonetheless. Thanks again, - Larissa


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